Breast Augmentation Operation
September 25, 2021
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September 25, 2021

Breast Lift Operation

Breast lift operation is completely a safe and simple surgery, aims to remove excess or sagging skin and change the breast shape to make it tight and round, resize the areola or lift the nipples up by tightening the breast tissue.

Aesthetic medicine for breast lift has developed and included many methods used by doctors and plastic surgeons to conduct a breast lift operation. The doctor determines the best method according to the woman’s condition and desired shape, as well as the type of skin tissue.

Candidates For Breast Lift Operation

Many women desire to get a tightened breast, but the candidates for breast lift operation are limited to the following list:

Pre- Breast Lift Operation Tips

Following the advices dictated by the doctor before the breast lift operation, considers one of the most important factors that lead to a successful breast lift operation. Such advices are as follow:

Refrain from applying any type of moisturizing creams for at least two days before the breast lift operation.

Stop having stimulants of all sorts, such as caffeine or Arabic coffee for at least two weeks before the breast lift operation, because they affect the anesthesia process and make it difficult to anesthetize a woman who drinks stimulants frequently.

Avoid smoking completely for a month before breast lift operation, because it narrows the veins and reduces the rate of oxygen in the blood.

Stay away from having any sort of blood thinners, such as alcohol and vitamin groups, because they contain vitamin E, for at least two weeks before the surgery, in order to avoid bleeding during the surgery.

Stop having any sort of medications that cause blood thinning, such as Aspirin.

Make sure to have a healthy and balanced food for at least two weeks before the breast lift operation.

Post- Breast Lift Operation Tips

Adherence must be done to the advices and recommendations dictated by the doctor to the patient after the breast lift operation, in order to reach the best results, such as the following:

Stages Of Breast Lift Operation

Breast lift operation is conducted through a few simple steps, which can be listed as following:

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