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September 5, 2021
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September 5, 2021

What Is Arm Lift Operation? (Arm lifting)

Arm lift operation is scientifically known as “Brachioplasty”, it is a surgical procedure conducted primarily to get rid of excess fat in the arms and tighten the sagged and drooped skin in them and to eliminate any increases in skin that may result in an inconsistent shape of the arms with the rest of the body or distort the aesthetic of the arms.

There are many reasons that lead to arms sagging, such as aging, severe obesity followed by weight loss, eating many unhealthy foods that allow fat to accumulate in different areas of the body; also there are hormonal causes that may lead to sagging in the arms, such as increased estrogen in women during pregnancy and childbirth.

Techniques Used in The Arm Lift Operation

Vaser technology is the latest technology used in the arm lift operation, where it works to break down fat in the targeted area using the Vaser device.

The skin is tightened with surgical intervention when the sagging is very severe and often when the patient has undergone liposuction before. The size of the skin is surgically reduced and the excess skin is cut off by opening an incision and then closing it after the sagging has been tightened. There are many types of surgical incisions in the arm lift operation, such as (thickened incision, character-shaped incision, extended incision).

It relies on the use of ultrasound energy, to target the area from which fat is to be removed, then work is done to dissolve the fat and then suck it off.

Candidates For Arm Lift Operation

Pre- Arm Lift Operation Tips

Refrain from smoking for a period of time before undergoing arm lift operation (one – two months).

Stop having Aspirin, Ibuprofen and some vitamins for a period of time before the operation (two weeks – one month), which may cause bleeding during the operation.

Do not eat or drink anything after the time specified by your doctor.

Do not use any body moisturizer on the day of operation.

Avoid stimulants, green tea and Alcohol.

Recovery Phase and Post- Operation Tips

The patient stays in the hospital for at least one day, the patient must adhere to the instructions and advices dictated by the doctor after the operation, in order to get the best results and expedite the recovery process without risks or damages:

Avoid exercising any sport activities and refrain from making any additional effort for at least two months after the operation.

Commit to wear compression girdles for at least 6 weeks after the operation.

Avoid exposure to high temperature for at least two weeks after the operation so that the arms do not catch infections.

Have a complete rest for two weeks after the operation.

Commit to take medications prescribed by your doctor and antibiotics regularly.

Stages Of Arm Lift Operation

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