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September 18, 2021
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Buttock Reduction Surgery

Buttocks Reduction Surgery is a cosmetic procedure that sucks fat from the buttocks through several surgical or non-surgical techniques, and tightens the sagging skin in order to reduce their size and obtain perfect and tight buttocks consistent with the shape of the body. The surgery takes approximately 3 hours, this may vary depending on the patient’s situation and the amount of fat accumulated in buttocks area. 

Techniques Used in Buttocks Reduction Surgery

Vaser technology is the latest technology used in non-surgical liposuction procedures, as it relies on ultrasound energy to break up the fat accumulated in the buttocks, and then they are sucked and got rid of.

Candidates For Buttocks Reduction Surgery

A candidate for a buttocks reduction surgery must be in a good health, which means they must be free of the following diseases:

Pre- Buttock Reduction Surgery Tips

The most important tips to be followed before undergoing buttock reduction surgery are:

Avoid smoking for at least a month before the surgery.

Avoid having blood thinners such as green tea, because they cause severe bleeding, and thus delay the healing process.

Avoid all types of stimulants, such as; caffeine, Arabic coffee and alcohol, for two weeks before the operation, as they impede the process of anesthesia.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet for at least a week before the buttocks reduction surgery, in order to avoid any complications during or after the operation.

Refrain from taking medications that liquefies blood for at least two weeks before buttocks reduction surgery.

Post- Buttock Reduction Surgery Tips

There are a set of tips and instructions that the patient should follow after the buttocks reduction surgery, the most important of such tips are:

After removing the bandages, tightened (compressive) clothes must be put on for at least six weeks, as they consolidate and protect the treated areas.

Do not sit for at least 24 hours after the buttocks reduction surgery, in order to ensure the safety of the area from which fat is been sucked.

Avoid making any great effort or carrying heavy objects for at least a whole month, to avoid any complications that may occur.

Avoid smoking completely for at least two weeks after the surgery because smoking prolongs the healing period.

Avoid strenuous exercise for at least two months as it may harm the treated area and thus may give unsatisfactory results.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet to avoid any complications after buttocks reduction surgery.

Stages of the Buttocks Reduction Surgery

After carrying out a set of tests necessary for the patient to make sure s/he is ready and appropriate for the buttocks reduction surgery, the operation goes through the following stages:

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