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September 18, 2021
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Beard And Mustache Transplant

Beard and mustache transplantation is a non-surgical procedure, in which hair follicles are transferred from the donor area; the back of the head, to the recipient area; the chin and mustache areas to be treated.

Beard And Mustache Transplant Techniques

There are two main techniques used in beard and mustache transplant:

the best technique used for beard and mustache hair transplant, in which follicles are also harvested from the donor area via the Micro Motor, to be implanted directly in the recipient area by a CHOI Implanter. It is only with one click, the doctor can open a channel and implant the follicle at once. The whole process takes around (6-8) hours, transplanting a maximum of (3500) follicles.

(Extremely DHI) technology goes through the same stages of (DHI) technique, however, it enables the doctor to transplant up to (5000) follicles during (10) hours over only a session.

Candidates For Beard and Mustache Transplantation

To become a candidate for a beard and mustache transplant, you should be:

Pre-Instructions for The Beard And Mustache Transplant

Here are some important instructions which the patient should follow to ensure a successful beard transplant:

Avoid drinking alcohol at least a week before the transplant, as it weakens the effect of anesthetic.

Stop smoking at least for two weeks before the beard and mustache transplant.

Avoid taking blood thinners, such as drinking some natural drinks; like green tea.

Stop taking painkillers such as aspirin, and the Ibuprofen ingredients.

Follow healthy and balanced diet before beard transplant operation, to avoid any complications might occur during or after the operation.

Post-Instructions for The Beard and Mustache Transplant

After undergoing the beard transplant, the patient should:

Beard And Mustache Transplantation Stages

The stages of beard and mustache transplantation are very similar to the stages of hair transplantation in the scalp, as follows:

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