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The Process of Natural Eyebrow Transplantation

Natural eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, aims to increase the density of eyebrows that suffer of thinness or may be completely lost. The follicles are moved from the donor area, which is the area that is located at the back of the scalp, to be planted in the area of the eyebrows in a manner that fits to the shape of the face.

Technologies Used in Natural Eyebrow Transplantation

The latest technologies of natural eyebrow transplantation are used, such as:

DHI is based on Choi pens in transplantation, such pens give the required density, as well as they provide a certain direction for the transplanted hair. The follicles are picked out from the donor area, so that they have a certain tissue and direction that fits with eyebrows hair, provided that a bulb contains only one hair, then they are transplanted in the eyebrow area using Choi Implanter pens, in order to get the desired shape and density for the eyebrows.

Candidates For Natural Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation works for both women and men, including:

Pre- Natural Eyebrow Transplantation Tips

There are some tips that must be followed before undergoing a natural eyebrow transplantation:

Avoid having any sort of blood thinners, such as; green tea or multi vitamins, for they contain vitamin A and Vitamin E.

• Avoid smoking for a month, because it affects oxygen rate in blood, which needed for the growth of transplanted follicles.

Avoid having stimulants for at least two weeks, because a person who takes stimulants is hard to be anesthetized.

Eat a healthy and balanced food, in order to avoid complications during the procedure.

Stop having and sort of medications that make the blood thinner.

Post- Natural Eyebrow Transplantation Tips

In order to get the desired results, you must follow some instructions that are given by the doctor, such as:

Stages Of Natural Eyebrow Transplantation

Natural eyebrow transplantation is conducted in four specific and simple stages that are summarized in the following steps:

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