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Breast Augmentation Operation

Breast augmentation operation is a simple and very safe cosmetic procedure, aims to change the shape of the breast by giving it a larger size, as well as giving it a more rounded shape, using certain medical fillings, made of silicone or saline liquid.

The cosmetic doctor determines the type of filling, according to the required size and desired results, as well as skin type, body shape and the age, which is considered a key factor in determining the type of the fillings.

Silicone fillings give a natural look to the breast shape, as it consists of silicon shell filled with silicone gel, which is a transparent viscous liquid that is similar in composition to deciduous glands that make up the breast. A woman must be over 20 years of age in order to undergo breast augmentation surgery with silicone fillings.

give a relatively large size to the breast than silicone fillings that are made of brine, which has a silicone rubber membrane inside. It can be filled with different quantities depending on the required size. A woman must be over 18 years of age in order to undergo breast augmentation surgery with saline fillings.

Breast augmentation surgery is involved in other therapeutic purposes, as it is used as one of the stages in the treatment of breast cancer or to achieve symmetry between the two breasts sizes.

Candidates For Breast Augmentation Surgery

Not any woman can undergo a breast augmentation surgery, for there are a set of conditions that must be met first, in order to the woman to be a candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

Pre- Breast Augmentation Operation Tips

The doctor dictates some instructions, which must be followed before breast augmentation surgery, such as the followings:

Avoid smoking for one month before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, for it narrows the veins and reduces oxygen rate in blood.

Stop having any medications that cause blood thinning, such as Aspirin and ibuprofen combinations.

Stay away from having stimulants of all kinds, such as; caffeine, or Arabic coffee for two weeks before the breast augmentation surgery, because they affect the process of anesthesia and make it difficult to anesthetize the patient.

Avoid having any sort of blood thinners such as; alcohol and vitamin combinations, as they contain vitamin E, for two weeks before the operation, in order to avoid bleeding during the surgery.

Post- Augmentation Operation Tips

It is worth to mention that the recovery period of breast augmentation surgery ranges from four weeks to six weeks, when certain instruction dictated by the doctor must be followed, in order to get the best results and to accelerate the healing process, such as the followings:

Stages Of Breast Augmentation Operation

Breast augmentation operation is summarized in specific stages, as follows:

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